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His Mandate

God's Purposes for Christians in the Marketplace

In many Nations, I rolex yachtmaster notice there exists some uneasy tension between the church and business. Religious leaders can’t seem to make a distinction between what is spiritual and what is secular. They invariably equate business activity with secular activity and consider it to be a lesser calling in the life of a Christian. This is a form of dualism and is not taught in the Scriptures.

Nations are discipled by individuals because individuals influence the direction and values of nations. God wants to raise up people such as yourselves who will take a stand for Jesus Christ replica watch in business and in the marketplace and who will disciple the nations through their influence for what is right and just.  

Business Coaching     

Charles Omole's Business Coaching is for those who want to successfully catalyst their business, improve customer relations, identify their target market, identify their business strengths or simply get more satisfying results within their business.

He has helped many people open their dream business, organization or ministry and has mentored them to successfully maintain their thriving business throughout the years.

This business coaching will help you develop a clear vision, action plan, problem-solve and set achievable goals in direct alignment to your strengths. You can become a successful business owner, entrepreneur uk replica watches or more with this effective business coaching program.

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Executive Coaching     

Charles Omole brings to every executive one-on-one or group coaching session his years of professional experience as an executive leader and business owner who effectively coaches global leaders to achieve their highest potential and goals. He understands the responsibilities and pressures associated with executive leadership and targets how to deal with the circumstances at hand and how to resolve it very quickly.

His executive coaching will support you to leverage your strengths while acquiring the skills, confidence and competencies you need to dramatically increase your effectiveness.

His coaching is for a wide variety of leadership models, leadership skills, team building and communication styles. He will coach you to discover the development and action plans needed for your business, organization, church, ministry, team or group to achieve powerful, lasting and satisfying goals with dramatic results.


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