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We organise seminars regularly to equip champions of faith in the secular arena.

The purpose of this seminar is to impart  discipleship principles and business planning skills that will assist Christians to be successful in business to the glory of God and to the good of mankind.

Churches and other groups. can also benefit from these seminars too.  Click here to enquire about bookings

These seminars teach and equip Christians  with the knowledge required  to invade the marketplace and exercise dominion

The Business Seminar is a Ministry of Threefold Encouragement

Firstly, it encourages business people in the Christian faith and in Godly character so that they will honour God first in business and not compromise the Christian faith for the sake of money.

Secondly, it encourages Christians in business ability by providing helpful advice and training in small business skills.

Finally, it encourages Christians in business to serve the purposes of God in Business, further His kingdom through marketplace ministry and disciple their nations for Jesus Christ; thus extending the frontiers of the Kingdom.

Wisdom for Winning Seminar Objectives

1. To establish a Biblical foundation and framework for business planning that puts God and His kingdom purposes first.

2. To teach principles from Scripture that can be applied to the business planning process and will result in the advancement of the Kingdom of God as well as the profitability of the business.

3. To disciple Christian business people in godly character in the conduct of their business activity.

4. To impart business planning skills that will teach business people to anticipate potential problems, discover potential opportunities, and operate successfully at a profit so as to accomplish goals that advance the Kingdom of God as well as generate income for material needs.

5. To assist business people to discover the purposes of God for them in business and to encourage business people to plan for the accomplishment of these purposes.

6. To empower Christian Business people to be able to strategically invade and reclaim the Marketplace as the final frontier.

7. To empower existing and potential business people with knowledge that will encourage in them a sense of dignity and self worth through self-employment.

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